The Food Documentaries That Changed My Life

Food Documentaries that changed my life

The Food Documentaries that Changed my Life

I always felt I was a health conscious person, but about five years ago I realized much of what I was eating and feeding my family wasn’t exactly healthy. It all began with one food documentary and soon became many. I became addicted to food documentaries and bought several so I could share with my friends, family, and coworkers.  I was disgusted by what was being allowed in our food source and decided to learn as much as I could, so I could make educated food choices for myself and my family. What changes did I make after the documentaries? I have been feeding my family as much whole, unprocessed foods as possible.  I made this decision and stuck with it for five years and counting. How did this change my life?  I feel awesome!  If you don’t feel awesome, try changing your diet..  Many people feel lethargic, depressed, anxious, sick, etc.  Often a change to your diet can cure or at least improve these ailments.

I highly recommend starting with these three documentaries and you will begin to think differently about food. They will inspire you to make changes so you can feel good.


Food, Inc.

This documentary is a real eye-opener.  I was expecting to hear about what foods are good and what foods we should avoid.  I didn’t realize how politicized and corporate our food industry has become.  How regulators are so connected with mega-corporations, sitting on boards, etc.  and how laws in one sector can have unintended consequences.  For example, because corn has been subsidized by the government for so many years, we have overproduced corn. To prevent wasting it and to maximize profits, we now find it (high fructose corn syrup-ick) in most of the processed foods we consume.  It has also been decided to feed cows corn.  Cows are meant to eat grass, not corn.   Corn causes e-coli bacteria to grow in the cows’ stomachs.  These cows then need to be treated with antibiotics.  Does a “sick cow burger” sound good to you?  In turn, too much antibiotics in our foods are causing our guts to be unhappy.  This is just one example of what happens when a handful of corporations control most of our food supply.  This is a must watch.


Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

The maker of this film, Joe Cross was fat, sick and nearly dead when he decided to make some changes in his life. These changes freed him from an autoimmune disease and the half dozen medications he took for it. He lost 100 lbs in  60 days and significantly lowered his cholesterol by doing a juice fast. He then went around the world meeting and helping others who were not feeling healthy.  You will  truly be inspired by this documentary.





This documentary discusses organic food, nutritional supplements, super foods and food safety.  Many of these super foods aren’t even known by most.  Let food be thy medicine because the food you’re consuming can help you if you make the right choices.  The food you choose to consume can also hurt you.  Education is key. You will find this documentary extremely informative and it will hopefully start your journey to healthy living.




Other documentaries to inspire you:

Forks Over Knives
Engine 2 Diet
Fed Up
Hungry For Change
Supersize Me

Here are some quick tips to begin your healthy eating journey:

  1. Buy real food.  An easy way to stay away from processed foods is to stick to the perimeter of the store.  When you buy a vegetable or fruit from produce, you don’t need to read ingredients.  You are getting one ingredient!  Easy, right?
  2. Buy products with simple, recognizable ingredients. Obviously some foods you purchase may require you to do some ingredient reading.  If you don’t recognize the ingredient, move on to the next product.  Many times there is a healthier version of the same food.  For example, I buy the bottle of ketchup with the simple ingredients (tomato, sugar, vinegar, salt, onion powder, spice and please hold the high fructose corn syrup).  Most of the time I’m only paying a nominal price difference and I can feel good knowing the ingredients are real.
  3. Stop drinking your calories.  I drink water and seltzer water all day.  I find it refreshing and I can drink as much as I want without it affecting my caloric intake.  Diet soda, your chemical cocktail, doesn’t count.
  4. Limit eating out.  Many times, your food tastes delicious because it’s ridden with butter, salt, and MSG.  The average calories in a restaurant meal is over 1100 calories!
  5. Educate yourself!  You can make better food choices if you learn about food.

These food documentaries were a catalyst in my journey to healthy living.  It’s very simple.  You are what you eat. Start eating better and you will start feeling better. What you are eating affects your mood, energy, overall health, etc.  If you have a health condition, it’s likely you may be able to cure or improve it just by making changes to your diet. I know many people who feel tired and sick everyday and when I see what they’re eating, it’s no wonder why they feel the way they do.

We would love to hear from you!  Let us know if watching a documentary started your journey to healthy living.  Good luck and we are excited to have you on this journey with us.






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