Interview with Dr. Breus, The Sleep Doctor

Interview with Dr. Breus, the Sleep Doctor. Find out what your chronotype is and when the best time to do just about anything

In this episode, we interviewed Dr. Breus, aka The Sleep Doctor.   Dr. Breus  is a Clinical Psychologist, a regular on the Dr. Oz Show, and author of the book, The Power of When. Dr. Michael Breus  explains how to work with your body’s inner clock for maximum health, happiness, and productivity.  Once you know your chronotype, Dr. Breus will tell you when the best time to do different activities.

Listen and learn:

  • Four types of chronotypes and their characteristics
  • When’s the best time to do anything based on your chronotype
  • Advice for those who struggle with sleep
  • Why you can’t “catch up on sleep”
  • What’s the deal with melatonin and how to use it properly


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The Power of When


Are you a dolphin, wolf, bear or lion?  You need to find out in order to know the best time to do everything.  Make sure you take The Power of When Quiz to determine YOUR chronotype.

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