How to Tame the Laundry Monster

How to manage your laundry

I often see on mom’s groups, forums and social media many complaints about laundry.













It seems there are many people struggling with laundry and I wonder why. When you think about it, it pretty much does itself, doesn’t it?

I mean throw in one machine,  throw in another… done.  Maybe that’s oversimplifying it.  I understand folding and putting away can be a pain in the rump.  But it’s not this:


Where I think the real problem lies is that we either are not thinking about the laundry until it piles up to become a huge chore or we are doing too much of it (unnecessarily) that we feel that it never ends.

The solution is to do a bit of it every day or every other day.  Make it a maintenance routine, like brushing teeth, cleaning dishes, etc.

“OMG, everyday! Where will I find the time?”  I hear being said.   Trick is to do it while doing other things.  Yes on this case I am advocating multi-tasking and only because you aren’t actually doing anything but throwing laundry into a machine.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?  An hour, an hour and a half?  How long is an average washing machine cycle? 35 minutes.  I have a fairly no-frills top load washer and the cycle is about a half-hour.  So what I do is put a load on first thing in the morning, then start getting myself ready.  When load is done I move the laundry along to the dryer and continue getting ready. DO NOT forget  to move the laundry into dryer!!  You will end up with stinky laundry that will need to be washed again.  When I get home… I run the dryer for five minutes then fold, while watching TV or listening to a podcast.  If you are feeling particularly ambitious, put on another load while you are eating dinner. After dinner, move to the dryer.

Now if you have one of those newer machines that have 3 hour cycle times… you cray cray… nobody has time for that! Time is money! With a 3 hour cycle time you WILL feel like you are doing laundry ALL the time.

You can also cut down your load (pun intended) by not washing items that aren’t dirty.  Wearing an article for 10 minutes does not make it dirty. Pajamas can be worn more than once even twice! Bath towels need not be one and done.  I saw a rather lengthy Facebook discussion on this topic.  Here’s a bit of it:



It seems I am on the minority side of this one.  But I will admit I do not wash a towel after every shower.  You are using it to dry off your clean body, not wipe your butt, right?.  Hang it up… use it again.  I know all the germaphobes are cringing… ewwwww.   As long as everyone is using their own towels you can safely use your towel three times without dying from some hideous disease caught from your towel.  In my house, I’ve color-coded the towels.  My kids each have their own color towels.  I’ve done this for two reasons, sanitary and now I KNOW who left their towel on the floor.  Genius, right?

So, if a “one and done” family of five, now decides to, oh my gosh, reuse their shower towel a few times, they will cut down their towel laundry from seven loads to two loads per week.  I’m not going to do the math, but consider the savings on this… time, water, energy in one year.














I don’t really know what to say about the above.

So to sum up.:

  • Make laundry a daily routine, like washing dishes.
  • Schedule it with other tasks… getting ready in the morning, making/eating dinner.
  • Lessen your load by not washing unnecessarily.

A load a day will keep laundry monster at bay.

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  1. Thank you. This will help me. Should be common sense but I was raised doing the whole laundry one day of the week. And some times that day got put off in lieu of something more important.

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