How to Be Happier

How to be happier...


Want to be happier?   Spend less money on stuff and more money on experiences.

Many think things will make them happier…bigger TVs, designer clothes and accessories, bigger house, newer car, the latest electronic gadget.  But does it? How happy does your stuff make you? For how long?

Every year my husband used to ask me “What do you want for your birthday?”  I usually responded with “Let’s do something.”  After several years of marriage, he now asks me, “What do you want to DO for your birthday?”  My kids now talk about memories of… “Remember when we….for Mom’s birthday?”  Pretty cool, huh?

How to be happier... Some of my birthday gifts (experiences):

  • Day trip to Fire Island
  • Weekend at a state park hiking
  • First flight flying lessons with mom
  • Dinner on the beach
  • Trip to American Museum of Natural History

Spending on experiences doesn’t  have to be just for birthdays. Just make it a priority to schedule and budget some experiences.  It also doesn’t have to be expensive. Some will cost nothing, some will cost a little bit of money and some are expensive. But all are priceless.

My family’s memories are not what possessions they received for birthdays, Christmas, etc.  It’s the experiences they’ve had…skiing, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, sight-seeing, hiking, etc.

Life is about memories we create, not the crap we collect.

Create an experience fund and schedule something. You won’t regret it.  No buyer’s remorse here.

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