How to Stay Positive when Bad Things Happen ~ Podcast Episode 9

How to Stay Positive When Bad Things Happen


In this episode, Sarah and Hope discuss how to stay positive when things just keep going wrong.


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2 thoughts on “How to Stay Positive when Bad Things Happen ~ Podcast Episode 9

  1. This was the first episode I have listenened to. It’s funny because my mom always used to say “this too shall pass”. I found my day goes better when I’ve meditated first thing in the morning. It keeps me grounded. Another thing that makes staying positive for me is trying not to fight what’s happening. Going with the flow makes things go better most times. Don’t fight with the universe. I’ll have to try restarting my day when things don’t start well. Thanks for the positive energy.

  2. Thanks for listening Jim! I like your idea about not fighting the universe…I think many of us do which makes matters worse. Thanks for your kind words.

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