6 Ways to Stay Organized During Your Kids’ Sports Season

Having three kids in sports makes for some crazy evenings.  Getting in the door after work and grabbing the gear, a quick hello and goodbye to your spouse and off you go in different directions to different games.  What’s for dinner? Probably a good ole’ hot dog or some walking tacos.  Maybe a pizza at 8 or 9 pm when you get home.  We used to do the above during the spring and fall baseball/softball seasons but we learned nights don’t have to be so disorganized and crazy.  My immune system used to get so run down from the stress but now we know what we need to do to stay sane and not stress during these busy times.  Even if you have a few kids with a few games in one evening after work, you can still eat well, and not be stressed.

  1. Crockpot
    Seriously get out the crockpot during the sports season.  Stop eating concession stand hot dogs on the fly.  There are millions of simple, healthy crockpot recipes online that take 5-10 minutes before you go to work in the morning.  Then when your family arrives home from school and work, you can eat BEFORE all the games.  Eating a healthy meal before the games is a great idea because you will avoid eating crap food late at night.  I used to have a crockpot that didn’t shut off automatically, which somewhat defeats the purpose of a crockpot.  I found one on Amazon recently that I can set for a specific time and switches to a warm setting until you arrive home.  It’s a 7 quart which is great for a big family.  I often will double the recipes so we can eat leftovers the following night.
  2. Google Calendar!  Whenever our sports schedules are posted, I load them all in to google calendar and invite my husband to all the events. This helps us stay organized and allows us to plan who is going where every evening.  It’s also nice, because the reminder will pop up on my phone a couple hours before the event.  When scheduling an appointment, you don’t have to be near the calendar hanging on your wall to see when you are available.
  3. Grocery Delivery! Amazon Fresh is my new fav.  I’ve been using Peapod for years (and love it too) but there are a few things I love more about Amazon Fresh.  Amazon Fresh has unattended delivery which is great for the busy families. When we arrive home, the pretty, green coolers are sitting on our front porch on ice, ready to be brought in and put away.  I also love how quickly I can schedule the delivery.  There are times you can do same day delivery which is amazing, right?!  So a few days ago, I found some awesome crockpot recipes, added all the ingredients to my Amazon Fresh order, and did it all from the comfort of my couch.  The prices are great and very competitive with most stores.  There are a couple of things (not many) I could maybe get slightly cheaper but my time is money.  Driving to the store and waiting in crowded lines to save 50 cents on milk? No thanks.
  4. Essential Oils!
    Diffuse some relaxing essential oils at the end of the evening to melt the busyness of the day away.  Drop some lavender on your pillow before laying your head down at night. Get the stinky uniform, sweaty teenager stench out of your house by using a diffuser in your car or their bedrooms.
    Rub some oils on the aching muscles of your little athletes after their games.
  5. Please do one load of laundry per night.  If you don’t, you’re going to be running around like headless chickens trying to find what you need after work tomorrow.  Throw in those uniforms at night and put them in the drier when you wake up.  When everyone arrives home, the gear is ready and no searching will be necessary.  Check out our article How to Tame the Laundry Monster.
  6. Make a Car Kit.  I used to be that mom on the uncomfortable bleachers without the umbrella or a healthy snack for my kids.  A friend of mine recently made me “Sarah’s Car Kit” so I would be prepared for anything while out at games.  The kit has a blanket, bleacher cushion, and an umbrella.  I will add some healthy snacks to that bag so I’m not always left buying concession junk when the kids get hungry.  Be the prepared, comfortable mom that can enjoy sitting back and watching their kids in action.



Do these things, and all that is left is enjoying those awesome moments watching your kids hit the ball, make a goal, shoot a three-pointer, etc.  Own your day even when it’s busy.  I’ve learned my lesson and now know life doesn’t have to be so crazy.

We love to hear from our readers! Let us know if you’ve implemented any of these changes and if you have any ideas we haven’t listed.

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