6 Sanity Saving Quotes for Moms

6 Sanity Saving Quotes For Moms. Are you a stressed out mom? Ponder on these to get some relief.

6 Sanity Saving Quotes For Moms. Are you a stressed out mom? Reflect on these quotes to get some relief.

1 – “This too, shall pass.”

Whatever trials you are going through at the moment, whether it’s potty training, temper tantrums, math homework you don’t understand or a moody teenager,  it passes…

2 -“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” —Jill Churchill

No one can be perfect at everything. Sometimes “good enough” well, will just have to be good enough. So stop trying to attain mommy perfection and stay sane.

3- “There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed, but in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child, you are super mom.” —Stephanie Precourt

When we feel like we failed, that we are less than, guaranteed you are still the moon and stars in your child’s eyes.  If you made a mistake, apologize to your child and move on.

4 -“If a child is not listening, don’t despair. Time and truth are on your side. At the right moment, your words will return as if from heaven itself. Your testimony will never leave your children.” —Neil L. Andersen

You may feel that they are not listening…but sure enough they hear you.

5- “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”

We get caught up as parents, correcting bad behavior and forget to praise good behavior.  Be mindful to appreciate and compliment on what your child does right.  It works! Noticing that your child packed up his or her lunch without you asking and saying “great job on packing up your lunch,” will almost guarantee that it will be done again.  Catch you kids playing nicely and not killing each other?  Now’s the time to say “I really like how you guys are playing together.”

6- “If you try your best to be the best parent you can be, you will have done all that a human being can do and all that God expects you to do.” —Jeffrey R. Holland

Do you best. The end.

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