5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Save You Money

5 Lifestyle changes that save money

Some expenses are fixed but many day-to-day expenses can be limited by just making simple lifestyle changes.   Start by doing one and then maybe you can incorporate all five of these changes.

Stop Spending Money at Work

Go to and from work without spending a dime. The only exception to this rule is if you need to get gas. If you eat your breakfast at home and pack your lunch, you shouldn’t need to spend any money during work hours. An occasional lunch out is nice as long as it’s infrequent. It’s healthier to pack anyway, assuming you aren’t packing processed crap, right? So a third of your life you’re working, and another third you’re sleeping, so you only have 1/3 of your life left to worry about!

Only Grocery Shop Once per Week or Get Grocery Delivery

So let’s discuss that other 1/3 of your life is when you’re not working or sleeping.  Hitting the grocery store every night is not the greatest idea.  You’re spending your precious time (time equals money) driving to the store, picking out items, waiting in line, checking out, loading your car, driving home, and bringing the groceries inside.  Not only is it time prohibitive, it’s cost prohibitive too.  You tend to buy more and eat more when you shop daily.  Spend time meal planning around those sales and only step foot into the grocery store once per week.  Even better, get grocery delivery!  Grocery delivery is great because you can stick to what is on your list and sort items by unit price, instead of spending time comparing each item in the aisle.  Check out our podcast where we discuss the awesomeness of grocery delivery.  We use Peapod,  a popular grocery delivery company that may deliver to your area.  We also use Thrive Market, which is an online place to buy healthy, organic food at wholesale prices.

Don’t be so Quick to Call the Professionals

We all have unlimited answers at our fingertips now.  There are some things I would probably let the professionals do, but many household issues can be fixed by YOU!  Check out YouTube for the solutions before calling someone in for a service call. It will save you money and you may learn a thing or two.  Dishwasher not draining? Is washer making a weird noise?  Look it up.  You’re welcome.

5 Lifestyle changes that will save you money. Order Water at Restaurants

When you go out to eat, beverages are ridiculously expensive! Think of a family of five eating out, and each order a soda, ice tea, etc.  Many restaurants charge a few dollars per drink which yield a 15 dollar savings. Cut alcohol out of the bill and the savings will be much more. If you can get your family to order water instead, your bill will be much cheaper! The trick is getting them to do it!  The bonus is you’re making a healthier choice by not filling up on sugary drinks.

Eat Those Leftovers

Having leftovers makes packing lunch much easier the next day and it saves you from either eating out or buying extra lunch items at the grocery store.  We usually make enough food for dinner to have leftovers available the next day.  Everyone would probably agree that they get most excited at lunchtime for leftovers from their yummy dinner than a sandwich they made.  It also prevents food waste.  I hate throwing away food.


Those five changes don’t seem too difficult, right?  Let us know if any making any of these lifestyle changes would be a challenge for you.

2 thoughts on “5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Save You Money

  1. Definitely agree with drink water instead of ordering drinks. Those things add up! And if you order juice, their flavors will often distract you from enjoying the main dishes (assuming you’re eating at one of the better restaurants).

    Aside from those, for work expenses you can try cooking your own lunch and snacks, or you can buy your own supplies (e.g. buy hundreds grams of coffee beans that you can use to make a dozen cups instead of one coffee bar cappuccino).

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