10 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

10 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Anxiety, that nasty little bugger we have talked about many times.  What if we told you there are natural ways to help relieve your anxiety?  Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and many have awesome calming effects on your mind and body.  We are listing the 10 best oils because what works for one many not work for another.  If you try one that doesn’t work,  it’s likely another will work great!


    1. 10 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety
      10 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

      Lavender:  Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils and is a must have oil, as it’s very versatile.  This oil reduces anxious feelings and promotes a restful sleep.* Put a few drops on your pillow before bedtime or put 3-4 drops in your diffuser for a peaceful night’s sleep.  Add to your bath water for the ultimate stress relief. Take internally  or add to your temples and back of neck to reduce feelings of anxiety.*  Lavender was the first oil I ever used and it “knocked me out” for the night when I diffused it.

2.Frankincense:  Frankie..the king of all oils! Frankincense promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness.  You can add 3-4 drops in your diffuser, or put some on the bottom of your feet to keep a balanced mood. In addition to being a great oil to calm your anxious nerves, Frankincense has the most extraordinary health benefits.*  Many say the scent reminds them of church, and historically it has been used in religious ceremonies.

3.Bergamot: Bergamot is a citrus plant and is a favorite of many because of its delicious smell.  Bergamot can dissipate anxious feelings and is great for diffusing when tension and stress are high.  Apply it to your skin while in the shower to benefit from this oil’s calming effects. Add it to the bottom of your feet to promote feelings of relaxation.  Most citrus oils are also known to promote happiness (maybe because it reminds us of being somewhere warm and sunny).

4.Ylang Ylang: I know it’s a funny name, but Ylang Ylang is a star-shaped flower.  This oil is known for its calming effects and promoting a positive outlook.   Lessen your stress and tension by adding 3-4 drops to your diffuser or adding it to an Epson salt bath.  This is a great oil to lift your mood and calm those anxious feelings.

5.Marjoram: Marjoram has been known to the Greeks and Romans as the symbol of happiness.  It’s a calming oil and has positive effect on the nervous system.*  Lessen the feelings of stress by applying to the back of the neck.*  If you have a fussy baby, apply some to the bottom of their feet before a nap.

6. Vetiver: Vetiver is a member of the grass family.  It has a calming and grounding effect on emotions, which is why it’s an oil often used in massage therapy.  Diffuse to lessen the stress or  massage some into your skin to calm those anxious feelings.

7.Roman Chamomile: Most know chamomile because of the tea.  Adding 1-2 drops of this oil to your tea will soothe the body and mind.  Please be mindful that some essential oils cannot be taken internally because they aren’t pure and have dangerous additives, chemicals, and adulterants.  DoTerra’s Roman Chamomile is certified pure therapeutic grade and CAN be taken internally. Chamomile can also be diffused or applied to the bottom of the feet.

8.Petitgrain: Petitgrain is derived from a bitter orange tree.  Like Bergamot, it’s a citrus oil and also can help with feelings of anxiety.  Add a drop to your water to help ease feelings of tension, promote a restful sleep, and help calm the nervous system. Add 3-4 drops to the diffuser or apply it topically.

9.Geranium : Most know a Geranium is a flower but many don’t know the awesome benefits of Geranium essential oil.  I like to have this one around the house in the summer months because it’s a natural bug repellent.  Geranium essential oil helps calm the nerves and decrease the feelings of stress.  Best of all, it smells like flowers…who doesn’t like the smell of flowers to brighten your mood?  It actually smells more like a rose than a Geranium. Diffuse it, apply it topically, or take it internally…your choice!

10.Clary Sage: One of our favorites!! Clary Sage is one of the most soothing and calming oils.  Put some on your feet after a stressful day or put a few drops in the diffuser. Many people have great success with rubbing some on their belly for the most restful sleep.  Take a Clary Sage bath to ease the tension.


So many people suffer with anxiety every day.  These oils have been used for thousands of years to help calm anxious feelings and promote relaxation.  Give it a try and let us know which oil worked best for you.  We would love to hear from you!

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